Handguns primer

Types of Handguns The term to describe a firearm designed to be held and fired from one hand is “handgun.” Although some use “pistol” as a generic term for all types of handguns, that is not technically correct. Technically, a pistol is any handgun in which the chamber is part of the barrel. That includes semi More here


Firearm safety during transportation,hunting or range

Whether you are a hunter, shooting sports competitor, casual shooter preparing for a day at the range, or just heading out to take your firearm to a gunsmith, these guidelines should be observed. During transport Firearm Transport Laws and Regulations Laws governing firearms transportation vary from state to state. Read more here

Teenager’s Guide to Firearm Safety

Introduction • Owning a gun • Encountering a gun Be Prepared • If you find a gun • If you see someone with a gun • If someone discharges a gun in school Preventing School Shootings: The Warning Signs • Threats • Access to weapons • Warnings Your Responsibilities • Make time for your friends • Don’t be a bystander • Full article here

The debate |

Gun Manufacturers Ballistics Consumer Safety Litigation Smart Guns Trigger Locks Gun Sellers Background Checks One Gun a Month Waiting Periods Gun Owners Concealed Carry Licensing Registration Preemption Project Exile Safe Storage Ballistic Fingerprinting Bullets and shell casings fired from a handgun contain unique read gun safety debate|Ecoetmat